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exciting is a full-potential all-electron density-functional-theory package implementing the families of linearized augmented planewave methods. It can be applied to all kinds of materials, irrespective of the atomic species involved, and also allows for exploring the physics of core electrons. A particular focus are excited states within many-body perturbation theory.

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exciting review paper
A. Gulans, S. Kontur, C. Meisenbichler, D. Nabok, P. Pavone, S. Rigamonti, S. Sagmeister, U. Werner, and C. Draxl, "exciting — a full-potential all-electron package implementing density-functional theory and many-body perturbation theory'', J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 26, 363202 (2014)


Release of exciting Boron-10
We are happy to present exciting boron-10, a new isotope release of the exciting code.
Release of exciting Boron-9
We are happy to present exciting boron-9, a new experimental release of the exciting code to be used only for specific purposes, as explained in the following. The improvements of this version will then be incorporated into the next major release.

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