Launch Virtual Machine from Virtual Box Image

We use a virtual Box image for teaching and demo purposes. The image contains all software we use in the tutorials.

This Page explains how to launch a virtual machine from the virtual disk image. The image is about 8GB large.

get it from

or preferably via bittorent:

Store the file on a fast, local harddrive, don't launch from shared disk.

Install Virtual Box

The virtual box host software can be obtained from for free. There are versions for linux Mac and windows, either should work. Linux systems often have it in the package manager.

Create Virtual Machine

On the start screen create a new virtual machine.
Next is to give an name and choose the guest operating system. Which will be "linux" and "ubuntu".
Next we will not create a disk image but use the provided disk image file (exde.vdi). We select the use hard-disk radio button. The exciting disk image is not yet added to the list of disks, so we must do this in the next step. Click the small folder icon next to select widget.
So we click the add disk symbol in the toolbar.
This brings up a file dialog in which we choose the exde.vdi file
Now we can select the exde disk image. We are almost done now.
Just confirm.

Start the Virtual Machine

We have now the exciting virtual machine, waiting to be started.
The image should boot and provide you with an login screen. login with exciting and the default password exciting. Please change the password as soon as you are logged in.
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