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Visualization Templates

Template to transform any 3d plot data into OpenDX file format.
Template to transform any 3d plot data into XSF file format. XSF can be read by xcrysden and Vesta.
This templates creates output in the form of x y z scalar from the plot3d output.
Xml2ascii Xsl
Extracts all numbers from xml into plain file.
Xmlband2agr Xsl
This template generates an xmgrace plot from bandstructure.xml
This xsl style-sheet prepares .agr file for xmgrace to plot density-of-state (DOS) graphs.
This generates the input file for xcrysden to visualize the fermi surface.
Xmlinput2xsf Xsl

Inputfile Conversion Templates

Exciting2sgroup Xsl
This template converts exciting input into the file format of the sgroup symmetry detection tool.
Exciting2wienstruct Xsl
Template to create Wien2k struct file from exciting input.xml.
Xmltinputoblock Xsl
Converts input.xml to the block format used by elk.
Xmlinput2xsf Xsl

Inputfile Experiment setup templates

Expands all parameter permutations. It is used to create experiment lists
The template generates a loadleveler job script from the experiment list definition.
Create parameter series for use with expand-all-parameter-permutations
set2shelcommand.xsl creates shelscript to execute all calculations in experiment setup
setaddpath.xsl adds an attribute path to sets in experiment (experiment list)
This explains how to create a series of input files from an experiment list.

Useful scripts

exciting_scripts.tar (beware: outdated)

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