Visually Monitoring A Large Set Of Calculations

Calculation monitoring with the web browser

For monitoring multiple calculations in the web browser you can leverage the Xml Web View idea. The interface described here creates a summary web page for a set of calculations with direct links to html representations of the results. The results are rendered in the browser life with the Javascript XSLT API.

The requirements for the steup are:

  • xsltproc, for generating html/xml out of xml data by processing a xsl stylesheet
  • Firefox web browser
  • java runtime environment, for viewing structure data with Jmol
  • dir2xml, for generating a list of all files in the directory where the calculations in- and output is provided (in this case it will be the examples directory)

Setting up a new summary page

The summary page is generated with an xslt template from a files list. This files list containing all the input file locations must be available in XML. To create this XML directory listing there is a perl script on CPAN to to exactly this

At first change to the directory, where is located. Type the following into command line:

 perl your_uri/exciting/examples > your_uri/exciting/examples/filelist.xml//

This will create a list of files (xml format), located in the examples directory
Now we are able to generate html for viewing it with Firefox. Change to your examples directory and type

  xsltproc examples_status.xsl filelist.xml > mycalc.html//

Make sure all files are located in the examples subdirectory of exciting. Otherwise you will get in conflict with the 'same origin policy' of the web browser.
After opening mycalc.html with Firefox you should see something like this:


The status bar indicates if the calculation has finished or if some error occurred.
Clicking the info link will give you a detailed overview of the calculation status.

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