a full-potential all-electron package implementing linearized augmented planewave methods

Poster Session

Luis Cabral: Formation of metallic Ag on AgBr by femtosecond laser irradiation

Ken-Ming Lin: Optimizing contact performance for monolayer TMDs FET: A first principles study

Shohreh Rafiezadeh: First-principles study of the electronic and optical properties of CoFe2O4 including many-body effects

Kristians Kacars: Quantum chemistry using linearized augmented plane waves

Min Li: Ab initio study of light induced ultrafast spin transfer and relaxation dynamics

Nathan Daelman: FAIR materials science research using NOMAD

Ahmed Saleh: Probing the 2D and 3D layers in 2D-on-3D halide perovskite via GIXRD, BBXRD, and XPS: Investigating the treatment factors' impact on the relative thickness of the 2D layer

Tim Bechtel: Band-gap regression with architecture-optimized message-passing neural networks

Fabian Peschel: excitingtools: An exciting workflow tool

Manish Kumar: Exploring oxygen-vacancy defects in BaSnO3 by a cluster-expansion approach